Wednesday, April 24, 2013

M.G.'s First Communion

Sunday, the 21st, M.G. celebrated her first communion.  We were happy to have all the grandparents in town, as well as Chris, Jenny, and Julie and Dan, my aunt and uncle.

M.G. was very excited!  She's been attending Wednesday night religious ed for a couple years now and we had a workbook to work on at home together.
All of the 2nd graders processed in and sat together during Mass. The priest asked the class a few questions instead of a more traditional homily.  M.G. had her hand as far into the air as it could go!  She, and 5 others, read the prayers of the faithful.  The kids all looked so grown-up.  I taught a few of them last year and it's surprising how much older they all look now!  It was special to see the kids and their families all at one Mass together.

After Mass we had lunch to celebrate.  M.G. thought pie was a better idea than a special cake!

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