Monday, April 22, 2013

Random weekday morning

M3 and M4 are so fond of each other. 

Their body sizes look funny next to each other.  Around the tummy they are the same size (or M4 is a little bigger), but the proportion is so different.

M2 and M3 can play for such long stretches some days.  Thursday, of last week, they cooked and picnicked for quite a while. 

M4 is starting to try to crawl and pull up on things.  He can't get his legs to participate like they need to.  He flops forward on his arms and wobbles before falling.  In his crib he reaches and stretches until he can pull himself up on the side, but still only gets to his knees.  You can see him working so hard to get a grasp on the bars without toppling over.  When he actually does it he is so happy!

One hand!  Can I get two?

Both hands!  Both hands!  Pulling up!
He did it!

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Soupy said...

I love watching your babes grow (and am secretly jealous of the 4 vs my 2! LOL)

Such beautiful little things....and getting so big (MG and M2!)