Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Almost to the end of the school year...

Tomorrow was supposed to be the last day of school for M.G., but the year has been extended to next Wednesday because of the snow days and the Memorial day holiday.  The last few weeks have been full of excitement with first communion, recitals, a field trip, a birthday party, and other end of the year fun.

Waiting for the recital to start!
M.G. had her dance recital a couple weeks ago.  Her studio performed a version of The Lorax.  Similar to last year's Horton Hears a Who, they mixed a reading of the Seuss book with songs from the Disney movie and threw in a few other songs as well. 

This year M.G.'s class had three numbers.  A ballet dance in which she was a tree in the beautiful unharmed forest, a modern dance where they were singing fish, and in their tap number they were machines in the ever-growing factory.  We watched the Disney movie a few times this winter and the songs are pretty catchy, so the younger kids recognized a lot of the music.

As always, fuzzy pictures because it was dark, she was moving, and the photographer had a kiddo hanging on his arm. (And I like to zoom in to avoid posting other peoples' kids on the internet.) 
Graceful tree, waiting to dance.
Joyful fish about to jump!

M.G. had dance two nights a week this year and was always looking forward to class.  We like that the studio is more focused on teaching an appreciation for the art of dance and helping the kids learn how to express art using their bodies; not spending the whole year training them to move in unison to a choreographed routine.  I think that helps increase M.G.'s enjoyment of the time she spends there.

She had her piano recital the following weekend.  M.G. was new to piano this year and seemed to take to it like she'd just been waiting for direction.  We really didn't have an expectation of how far she'd get in a year and wanted to give her a chance to try learning something brand new at her own pace. We're proud of the commitment she showed.  At this point in her life she sometimes wants to be a music teacher.  Who knows how long that will stick, but it has been fun to see her explore this new skill and see how much she enjoys it.

Her class has been doing the alphabet count down this year.  Yesterday was wild hair day and she decided on lots of headbands!  She was making M4 laugh and I didn't want to stop them to ask them to sit still. She just looks so much older these days.  It's been a year where she's growing in independence in a lot of ways, we'll have to find ways to foster that this summer when she's at home all day.

She can be a big helper and a leader of her siblings (for good or bad.) Everyone was a little wild at one point this weekend and I was getting kind of frustrated after breaking up wild scene after wild scene.  She had the bright idea of putting in the Peter and the Wolf CD and she didn't say a word to anyone about it.  When I looked around the corner I saw this...
and it lasted for quite a long time.

I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas for our summer - it is so easy to have all of these ideas and then suddenly we're back-to-school shopping.  I need to create a reading list for M.G. to keep her in books and I want to come up with some project ideas.

But, I know that with just a blink of the eye we'll have a 3rd grader and a kindergartener.  A big deal for M2 and another big change to my days.  I'm looking forward to giving M3 a chance to be the oldest at home and I think it will be a fun year for her and M4 and me!

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Monkey Papa said...

M4 looks really interested in the drum and harmonica performance by M3 in that last picture!