Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Birthday girl thinking ahead

Today at lunch we were talking about our summer plans and how soon it would be M3's birthday at the start of June.  I wondered aloud what she might like and M2 said that we should talk about it, but not with M3 sitting right there.

She waved her arms in the air and said, "Guys, guys, it is ok.  We can talk about what to get me!"

M.G. and M2 always have trouble thinking of ideas, but M3 sighed as if she were saying, "Where to start?"

I asked what she'd most like for her birthday and she said, "Bobble heads of everyone in my family, even Matthew."

We brainstormed some more ideas, which really didn't result in much - she wants a lot of toys she is too young for.  Or things like how she wants a bike, which actually meant she wants to be tall enough to ride the balance bike.

Then I wondered if she wanted any type of clothes.

She said, "I want a t-shirt.  It should have my face on it.  My face and I should be holding a purse."

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Monkey Papa said...

It would be hilarious to see her running around in a t-shirt with her face on it!