Tuesday, May 21, 2013


M4 was sitting on my lap while I was eating breakfast with Papa this morning.  The older kids had finished and were playing in a different room.  M3 came running in and climbed up with Papa.

I said, "Hey Papa, look, we each have a friend sitting with us."
M3 said, "That's not true."
I said, "Yes, I am holding Matthew and Papa is"
M3 interrupted to say, "Papa not my friend, he my Papa."
"Oh," I said, "we each have a kiddo on our laps?"
M3: "Right, not friends, you are parents."


M3 has slept in her own bed much more consistently than any of the others.  I'm sure she slept with us a bit as a baby, but she was able to help herself get to sleep more than the others and I think I put her back into her crib more often. She transitioned to M.G.'s room without much trouble and usually doesn't need any help in the night.

Lately she has taken time to tuck her baby dolls into their own sleeping areas each night.  (Usually after she is supposed to be in bed falling asleep.)  She tucks them each in with stuffed animals and climbs back into her own bed to sleep alone or with maybe one stuffed animal.

A few nights ago I suggested she sleep with her babies so that they would stay warm and she wouldn't need to get out of bed to tuck them in at night.  She started laughing and said, "Babies don't sleep in beds with people!  My babies have their own beds!"

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