Friday, May 24, 2013

First hike of the spring...

All of the State Parks in our state had free admission last weekend.  We've never taken advantage of the free weekend because we figured we could just buy a season pass if we wanted to hike.  The problem was that we never really got around to going. 

We were surprised to learn that there is a nice state park just 20 miles from our house!  I feel like kicking myself for not exploring it sooner.  It is fairly small, but has several lakes, camping, a couple hiking trails, and a playground. (And a swim beach, but it was pretty small and rocky.) Not really a vacation destination, but the perfect place to hike around with the kids every so often.

Because it was the free weekend they had a short scavenger hunt for the kids.  Small photos of 10 different animals were hidden along the trail for us to spot.  The kids enjoyed that and it kept them from the mindset that we were walking to a destination. We saw quite a few birds, of several varieties.  It felt just a little silly to be looking for photographs, instead of examples of actual trees or wildlife!  The examples of real wildlife we saw, other than the birds and plants, were a goose skeleton on the shore and a huge fish that had been recently dropped by a raptor and was flopping, injured, on the road.  That would have been a different kind of scavenger hunt!

With M3's short legs it took us about an hour to hike the three-quarters of a mile trail.  We headed home for lunch, but I think it would great to bring a picnic next time or even try camping since it is close to home.

So content in the breeze.
Wishing she could keep up with the bigger kids.

Headed home!

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