Monday, May 06, 2013

M4 - 7 months!

7 months for our little guy.  He definitely has moved to a new stage of development - less of an immobile infant and fully a person who wants to participate with his surroundings.

It's tough to get a photo of him smiling because if he is smiling he is also moving.  He's been a little cranky lately and I think it is in part because he wants to be able to move on his own.  When we set him down he usually attempts to crawl, but then gets stuck and can't get going.

He's so close to crawling and also to being able to pull up to standing.  He's a strong little guy!  I think he's gotten even longer for his weight this month.

He's been "talking" a lot more lately.  He tends to watch what we're doing around the house and then occasionally will let out a very loud and long bellow of a noise.  He'll also make little interjections if he is having a lot of fun with some of his toys.

His little arm is around M2's neck.
 He pays attention to the people around him.  He tries to kiss us and lunges from me to Papa and back.  If he can reach, he'll grab on to the shirt or hair of one of the other kids.  When I sit by him on the floor he always tries to crawl up on to me.  He comes along to book club and other activities and will wobble forward and back toward whomever is sitting near me to try to get their attention. He has a sensitivity to M3's tantrums.  He lets out a piercing, horrified scream if M3 throws a tantrum.

He's tried a few more foods - squash, banana, green beans, pear, and carrots.  We often let him play with some of the food and spoon feed him a few bites if he's interested.  He has started to enjoy the banana and pear and actually tries to gets some of that into his mouth.  The sweet potato and carrots are his next favorite. 

Our laid back approach is working fairly well.  Instead of having little containers for his food for the day, I mush up a little of what we're eating if he can have it.  So he'll often have some fruit at breakfast or lunch time and vegetable at supper.  I do have some back-up foods in the fridge if we are having something we can't share.  It's difficult to compare the volume he is eating to what the others at at this age, but I do feel like it is easier to give him a variety because I'm not trying to have the right food cubes thawed and ready to go.  When he starts eating a little more volume I'll take more time to make sure he's eating a balanced diet.

At this age Matthew seems to be watching us to try to figure out where he can jump in.  He'll often have a fairly serious expression on his face - until someone makes eye contact with him - then he'll break into a smile, start reaching, and babbling.  At supper last night all 3 older kids were talking over each other.  I peaked behind Catie to see him sitting in his high chair by Papa and he was soaking it all up.  Then he saw me looking and broke into a big smile before chomping down on his baby spoon and looking back to the others.

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