Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Super awesome x4

I don't know why I waited until Matthew was nearly 7 months before getting a photo of him in the rockstar shirt from Nissa... 
M3,  ~5 months

M4, ~6.5 months
He'll handle guitar once they start a band.

Playing "Pass the baby toys around and around."

So close to crawling, but super frustrated that he can't yet do it.

Crocs for the summer! 
Sunny couch portraits
 Mother's day weekend was relaxing and fun this year.  Here we were on the way out the door to M.G.'s piano recital on Friday night.  (M2 and M3 insisted on dressing up too.)  Saturday we went down to Sioux Falls for lunch and shopping.  We made it back to town right on time for a birthday party that we were all invited too.  That ended so that we could get to church Saturday night.  Sunday the kids treated me like a super special, great person.  It really did make me feel appreciated to see how excited they were to give me drawings and flowers.  M.G. made a book at school with her favorite things to do with me and it melted my heart.  After nap time we went to the Children's museum as a family and spent some time outside after supper.  It's easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of providing food, cleaning up messes, and breaking up spats.  Really, I feel so happy to get to spend my days with such awesome little people!


Monkey Papa said...

They look so happy in that rock star shirt!

Soupy said...

Beautiful family!! Can't believe how big they all are! :) What a fantastic Mother's day!! :)

David said...

I love how M4 is just gazing at you all in wonder in the family photo!