Tuesday, June 11, 2013

M2's allergy visit 2013

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Joe had his visit with our allergy doctor today.  I always feel good about going in and I always have a list of questions.  The visits are always informative and in some ways reassuring.  Once we get out to the car and come home I always want to curl up in a ball due to the anxiety of having a kiddo (or two) with a life threatening allergy.  Ack!

We haven't had any slip-ups with Joe's peanut allergy in over a year.  It's been about two years actually.  This really makes you hope that maybe it was a misdiagnosis.  A good number of my questions today dealt with kindergarten starting in the fall.  Our doctor strikes a good balance and teaches us how to be cautions without being over-the-top protective.

The doctor performed a skin test today because he usually does for kids going into school, just in case any allergies have resolved.  We tested peanut and tree nuts. (M2's never eaten or reacted to tree nuts.)  He did not react to tree nuts, so while we avoid them do to cross-contamination, it's good to know he shouldn't react to them.  The control spot on his back grew to 7 by 18 mm.  This was the histamine they scratched onto his back to show that his body would react if allergic to one of the substances.  (The tree nut patch was 5 by 7 mm, for reference.)  The peanut patch was 22 by 45 mm!  So uncomfortable to watch that spot grow as I helped him not to scratch at it.  His back grew red in a large area surrounding the test patch as well.

So, every year I hope he's some how outgrown this allergy and every year the doctor is clear when he tells me it is unlikely. 

It's looking like M2 also has seasonal allergies - he has itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, and dark under-eyes.  We can give him something over-the-counter to help and it sounds like it would be a daily medication until it freezes outside.  We didn't test what he might be allergic to in the environment because the treatment would be the same regardless.  His symptoms are pretty minor, so we're going to pay attention to how often he is bothered and see if we want to try something for him.  I'm nervous about the idea of constant treatment, but I want him to be comfortable.

He's been brave this week.  He did really well today and yesterday he tagged along to M3's well-child so that he could get his DTaP booster.  He has 3 more vaccines to get before school starts, so he'll get to know the clinic employees!  Yesterday's receptionist checked us in today and asked him some follow up questions to their conversation yesterday, so he found that funny.

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