Tuesday, June 18, 2013

M3 is 3!

After months of talk, M3 finally had her birthday.  She still holds up two fingers if asked her age by random people.  The person clarifies, "2?"  And then she says, "No 3!" and puts up another finger.

At her check-up last week she was 37 inches tall and 27 lbs, 6 ounces.  She's grown.  She was 34 inches last year and 23 pounds.  We'd been a little concerned about her growth last year, so it is good to see these numbers and that clothes have gotten smaller.  She's hitting all the milestones and is a healthy girl.

We had fun celebrating her birthday on the 6th.  She wanted a Christmas tree cake, well, she wanted Christmas tree frosting.

Done with her frosting, no need for the cake!

Bobble heads from Uncle Dave and Aunt Nissa!

M3 is a lot of fun these days.  She talks a lot and has a big vocabulary.  She still is missing some consonants, so it takes some concentration to follow her.  She throws a lot of funny facial expressions into her conversations too. 

She's strong willed and has an opinion on everything.  This summer the bigger two have been doing a variety of activities and it has been fun to spend more time doing what she wants.  When the older two go to swimming lessons, M3 has been helping me with the dishes.  She pulls the stool over and chats constantly while playing with the clean dishes. She likes the show Yo Gabba Gabba and in one segment a person shows a cool trick.  When we do the dishes she makes me stop so that we can say, "My name is Catie." "And my name is Mama."  "Our cool trick is to do the dishes.  Cool tricks!  Cool tricks!"

M3 has become interested in pretending and telling stories with her toys.  She will play independently at times, but would still rather be doing whatever anyone else is doing.  She likes to listen to books and tries to "read" them on her own, retelling the story.  She has a good memory for stories and also for whatever tone we usually use to read them.  She likes Doctor De Soto, about a mouse dentist and his fox patient, and uses the same voice for the fox as I do.  

M.G. had a well child visit this week, mostly so that she can be comfortable around our doctor if she ever needs to go in.  She's healthy and about 85% for height and close to 50% for weight, although I have forgotten the exact numbers.  M2 came along for his polio and chicken pox boosters.  We had the same nurse and he was getting the giggles as she gave him the shots.  Good nurses make things so much easier!

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Dr. Desoto looks pretty fantastic.