Wednesday, June 05, 2013

M4 - 8 months!

Laughing as he banged on the gate.

M4 reached 8 months on Sunday.  His biggest milestone this month was figuring out the crawling.  He went from being fairly stationary to being able to navigate all over the place.  Last night he was pushing a ball to get it to roll and then he'd crawl over to it and do it again.  We need to get back into the habit of locking the gate.  He has figured out how to crawl close and reach out an arm to swing the gate open without sitting in its way.  He's a baby who puts things in his mouth, so he has me busy this week as I follow him around checking out dangers he finds.

He still doesn't pull up to standing much, but he can do it now.

He's a sweetie and likes to hug, grab, and mouth as signs of affection.  In the car on Sunday he was fussy and would only settle if the person in the passenger seat flung an arm over for him to snuggle.  Grandpa B and I took turns and it was pretty cute to see how possessive he was of Grandpa's arm.

He's thinking more about cause and effect - banging on things to make noise and pushing over blocks.  The kids think they taught him a super fun high chair game where they give him toys, he throws the toys on the floor, they give the toys back, and everyone laughs. He loves to watch them play outside and he loves it when they play with him.

His first tooth came out last month and it seems like 3 others are lurking, although he's not as fussy as he was when the first tooth popped, so it might be a while.  M4 tried plain yogurt this month.  We just tried giving him Cheerios a few days ago.


Soupy said...

so big, so sweet. *sigh*

Monkey Papa said...

We may have to think a bit more about baby proofing with this one! :)