Friday, June 07, 2013

Random invented milestone met

The photo of M2 was a random accident, it wasn't until later that I realized we had the same pose from M.G.  After that it was something I kept in mind.  They all reach a point where the CD play is no longer background wall and instead is something with buttons to push!

M4 found it just a day or two after crawling - faster than the others who crawled around ignoring it for a while.  My labels don't show very well - M.G. and M2 were 7 months, M3 was 9 months, and M4 is 8 months.  His photo is fuzzy because he was distracted by other kiddos and wouldn't sit still.  I just find it funny that they all look back to make sure they really aren't supposed to be touching it!

He's pulling the board games and coloring books off the shelf as I type this - it is a new world for him!

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Monkey Papa said...

They all look super happy to be making trouble!