Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer vacation is off and running...

It took us a week or two to get into gear for summer vacation.  There was a lot of getting used to a new routine and understanding that we had to accommodate everyone's needs.  But after our trip to MN, a trip to western SD, and some fun days at home we are in the groove.

The older kids had 3 weeks of swimming lessons and a soccer camp that met two hours a week for girls and two hours a week for boys.  Needing to be at the park at 8:30 AM each Monday through Thursday was just what I needed to get in the summer fun mindset.  We had our bag packed up each morning and were ready for where the day would take us.  Now they have 3 more weeks of swimming lessons and we'll be done with summer classes.

We've already had several trips to the library, children's museum, and local playgrounds.  The kids have seen an illusionist and we took a trip to the Watertown zoo!  It seems that summer days have more hours in them and we've not been letting them go to waste.  Papa takes lots of bike rides with the older three and he and M2 have been putting in a lot of time with our gardens. His schedule is more flexible in the summer, which is great.  The only thing we haven't been able to do is hit the city pool - we've had so much rain and cooler weather.
The kids have been having a lot of fun together this summer.  Of course they have times where everyone needs to play on their own, but I love seeing how they seek each other out to play.  Yesterday M.G. and M2 spent at least an hour building a road system in the basement while I was working.  Bedtime was late on Sunday because M2 and M3 were doing so well playing with blocks all on their own while M.G. was playing quietly with M4.  They have been big helpers around the house too.  For the first two weeks of summer I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up with all 4 of them, but it has been a lot of fun.

They keep forgetting to watch TV.  They get so busy playing outside and inside and reading and pretending and doing things alone and doing things together - suddenly it is supper time and they'll watch a show while food is being cooked.  It's interesting to see how having more free time leads to them being able to entertain themselves better.

My crafting blog has gone silent - it's hard to get a lot of that sort of thing done with the range of ages, let alone blog about it!  So I thought I'd throw in a photo of my recently finished Color Affection wrap.

This was the project I started for our road trips last summer and I've only worked on it in the car.  It took a whole year of car knitting!  It's super soft and charcoal, light green, and forest green.  I need to figure out how to wear it properly.  I looked at the finished projects online and it is funny how most are posed like this or artfully thrown over a chair or something.

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Soupy said...

FUN TIMES! Loved your SD trip- brought back memories when I was onthe back of a motorcyle, cruising thru there! :) ANd how is your baby 9 months? I was just reading about M2!! LOL