Tuesday, July 02, 2013

M4 - 9 months!

M4 is now 9 months old! He's stretched out even more and no longer looks like a little ball of a baby.  

The weather has been beautiful lately and we've been playing outside everyday.  Often, he and I sit on a blanket in the shade and watch the big kids play.  He seems very happy to feel the breeze and watch everything from the leaves blowing to the kids biking by. He giggled up a storm when they were kicking the soccer ball around yesterday.

 He's a very fast crawler and can pull up to standing.  He wiggles to music and singing.  He likes to pull up on to the baby gate at the top of the stairs, hold on for balance, and yell out the front door when it is open for fresh air.  His standing seems to be mostly pinching on tight to something to hold himself up.  His balance isn't great and he's wobbly on his feet, but he has a very strong grip!

Hanging on with all his might!
 He likes to make buzzing sounds and he's doing that in the lower right photo. 

We're still waiting on new teeth, but they don't seem to bother him too much.  He's tried broccoli, melon, applesauce, and oatmeal now, but still doesn't eat a whole lot at any one time.

He really enjoys watching his siblings and they all love him too.  They are getting better about realizing that he'll get into their stuff if they are on the floor and it is fun to watch how they all play with him too.  He has such big grins for them and he talks back when they talk to him.

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