Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A post for Grandpa M

Grandpa M's birthday is coming up in a few days.  We've talked about it several times because the kids talk a lot about birthdays.  At some point in the last day or two I asked the kids if they had any good gift ideas.  They weren't too helpful.

M3 waved her arms around to get our attention and said, "Guys, guys, I know what we should get Grandpa!"

Us (Papa and I were kind of both responding): What?

M3: We should get him something he would really, really like...

Us: Did you have a gift in mind or was that your idea?

M3:  And we should call him and have him visit for his birthday.  In the morning we would say, 'Happy Birthday!', and give him the gift he would really like.  And we would have a cake and then we would sing to him.  He would like it.

Not a bad plan.

Today at lunch it came up again.

M3:  Guys, guys, Grandpa likes to garden.  I think we should go to his house at night and dig up his whole yard.  Then he would have the biggest garden.  In the morning he would be surprised!

Us: ....

M3: Wait, or we could give him his own Monopoly Town*!  He always wants to play Monopoly Town when he is here!

So, watch out Grandpa!

*Monopoly Town is a board game that fairly long and difficult to play with a small baby around.  It had become a game to only play with Grandparents and after some frustrating rounds has become a game that is hidden in a closet.

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