Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to school (and work) 2013

So many thoughts about how the last week has gone for us.  Lots of changes and transitions going on and limited time to do anything that isn't essential to keeping everything moving forward.

We have happy first day photos.  Everything is going very well and I think it is the type of situation where I could write a lengthy post each day about how we tackled a new hurdle or celebrated a new milestone or I could write a post in a couple weeks just saying that we are all doing well.  
M3 and M4 before their first morning trying out daycare.
M.G. ready for 3rd grade and M2 is making a "k."
Slightly nervous...

Papa and I biked to school with M.G. and M2 on the first day.
Let get this year started!
M.G. - 3rd grade suits her.  She's so fun to talk to these days and seems just so mature. She's jumped back into the year and has already earned all of the needed testing points for reading this quarter.  (She needed to take book quizzes until she had 9 points in the first 9 weeks of school and today she is up to 9.6.) She's been bringing home prizes for working hard and following the classroom rules.

M2 - I love hearing about his days at school.  The things he volunteers about his classroom or class just show how excited he is to be in a new situation and with classmates.  I heard about how he played with a bunch of preschool friends on the playground and who gets to be first in line and all of that.  During choice time they can play quietly or rest, but he doesn't think that anyone rests.  Today they ran out of time for choice time.  I jokingly asked him if he followed his teacher's rules.  "Yes," he said, but then M.G. chimed in, "I was walking to lunch when his class was in the hall for bathroom break and he was talking in line, even though no talking in line is a rule!"  He'll have a helpful big sister with her eye on him!

M3 is enjoying daycare.  They tried a few short days last week.  And now will go for about 6 hours a day on M,W,F. The 2nd morning she was holding back tears and trying to go with me, but I got her into place and walked away.  After that she's been fine.  She talks about all the fun they have and I love hearing her recap what she had for lunch. (A sandwich with hamburger, oranges, broccoli, and for a beverage - milk!)  Each day she runs over to me full speed when I pick her up, but she seems to be having fun when she is there.  She didn't nap today, but instead after laying down decided to run to catch up with the group going to the art room.  As long as she is having fun and not being naughty, I'm not going to worry about napping.

M4 cried and cried as I left him this morning.  Last week I don't know that he realized that I was leaving him there until I was already gone.  He slept a lot while there and he hasn't been drinking the expressed milk I sent with him.  But, the staff clearly cares about his well being and he's not upset when I pick him up.  (Except one day when he saw me out the window as I walked in and flipped out.)  Today he was "sad in the morning, but adjusted well" and ate a lot of lunch.  This afternoon he was in a fine mood and wasn't clingy, so I hope he starts to enjoy seeing the teachers there.  (And I hope I stop crying as I drive away.  Man, I'm fine with this whole new plan except for those 5 minutes when I'm driving away.)

Sipper Eyes

Laughing baby
M4 is quite the little monster these days, in a good way.  He giggles and wrestles and is cruising around like a madman.  He kisses, hits, snuggles, talks, and plays.  He doesn't mind when the girls snuggle me, but if he sees me snuggling M2 he comes over and tries to slap him. 

The kids have a table that was mine when I was younger.  They have been pretty hard on it and it is starting to fall apart.  M4 knows that part of one chair is loose.  He walks over and grabs that one dowel and pulls it.  Sometimes he tries the wrong chair and it tips over, but that doesn't slow him down.  He tries the other chair and then hits things with his newly claimed toy.

Today was my first day instructing two classes in the Mechanical Engineering department at the university.  It went well, although I was less nervous about today's intro material and more worried about getting through the rest of the semester!  We had M.G. take our photo this morning to complete our first day photo set.

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