Saturday, August 24, 2013

M2, the communicator

Quick post:

- The kids only had a couple customers when they had their veggie stand and both were people who lived near us.  Both customers picked out a couple items, including green beans.  M2 gave each their Ziploc of green beans and while doing so held up a bag of purple beans, saying something like, "Do you think you'd like to try the purple beans too?"  (It's a purple variety of beans that fade to green when cooked - at that point they taste just like green beans.) At one point I know he said something like, "Then you can try both types!" Both people bought an extra bag of beans - he can be a smooth talker.

- At supper last night the kids were excited to have some vanilla wafer cookies we had recently gotten.  We offered them a little vanilla yogurt too, if they wanted.  M2, very politely, said he had a good idea - Maybe we should use up the vanilla ice cream that was in the freezer, since Papa said it was a small amount and it would taste good with cookies.  He really knows how to phrase things so that "yes" is the best answer.

- The kids used their veggie money to buy sipper glasses at the grocery store.  (I'll post a photo at some point, but it's a straw that you wear like glasses.  The kids have been wanting them for ages.)  Today at lunch they tried them out.  M3 kept saying the straws would be good for something... snacks and what sounded like movies.  We asked, "movies?" and she'd say, "NO, moVees."  She couldn't clarify in any way and was getting frustrated that we obviously hadn't understood. Finally M2 shouted, "I know it!  SMOOTHIES!"  It's a game show in the making - translate for the 3 year old.

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