Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer's end, 2013

Lots of school/daycare supplies!
We're moving into the new school year in just a few days and everyone is excited.  This summer felt fast and although we had a lot of fun, it was odd.  Cooler weather much of the time and lots of short trips to break up our routine.  Looking back over the summer I am surprised at how little input I had on the schedule.  The kids often kept themselves busy and by the time they needed intervention it was too close to lunch or nap or supper or bedtime to do anything too major like a trip to the museum or a big project.

We did some of that stuff, but nothing like I had expected at the beginning of the summer!

Selling veggies
The older two are so excited for the open house at school tomorrow and the start of class on Thursday.  I have some nerves for M2 starting kindergarten, but we know the routine and he's been taking M.G. to that school for a few years and seems like he is ready for the challenge.  I wonder how lunch will go for him.  He's fairly selective, but maybe it will broaden his tastes. 

M4 has been enjoying the walker and gets so excited to try to follow the big kids. It rolls really fast, so he often needs some help. He has been trying to "talk" to us and will respond as if he were having a conversation.

He also thinks it is so neat when they include him.  I don't remember what they are doing here, but he thought it was great.

Miss M3 has grown so much this summer.  Well, they all have, the summer clothes that fit just right in June are now getting snug for everyone.  But, in this photo she looks like such a big girl.  She's wearing one of M.G.'s shirts from just before M2 was born.  I sewed the doll bed/carrier and the blanket that the doll is tucked in with.  Anyway, she's been counting the days down until daycare starts and it will be interesting to see how she does with lots of new kids her age to play with.

Tomorrow morning the younger two are trying out the daycare center for just two hours.  They'll do the same on Wednesday.  Friday we're going to send them for 4 hours, over lunch and nap, and then the following week I start teaching and they'll be going for 5 or 6 hours at a time, 3 days a week.  As excited as I am for this opportunity, I'm also going to miss being at home with these two while everyone else is off at school and work.  It will just be about 18 hours out of the whole week, but it is a large chunk of the stay-at-home time that I cherish with all of them. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition for all of us! 

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