Sunday, September 22, 2013

First month down...

We are rolling through September here.  My official appointment at work runs from August 21st to December 21st, so I'm a quarter of the way through the semester.  Our weekly routine is pretty smooth now - the older two bike to school with Papa when possible and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I bring the younger two to daycare for about 6 hours a time.

Elementary school has been positive.  M.G.'s teacher has been finding ways to challenge her.  On the assessment tests she scored well above her grade level for reading and math and it is great that the teacher is trying to find her work that is new and interesting.  I agreed to move M.G. to the "challenge" list for spelling and the words are TOUGH!  Before her test day last week I reminded her to just try her best and let her know she could go back to the regular list at any point. She looked at me like I was not making any sense and responded, "Even if I get a few wrong I will be learning so many new words!"  She ended up getting 16 out of 20.  Last week's words included repetition, believe, embarrassment, realize, pessimistic, vacuum, perceive, curiosity, symmetrical, and naive.  Yikes!  M.G. has been enjoying gymnastics class and today was the first week of the year that the youth choir sang at mass.  She enjoys that and we are told often that she has a beautiful singing voice.  (That will come in handy if she sticks with her goal of being a music teacher.)  She's still enjoying piano lessons too and is making great progress.

M2 has been having fun and is adjusting to such a busy week.  He is pretty worn down by the end of the week.  He enjoys his class and teacher and has been getting rewards for good behavior.  He is such a social guy.  We went to the college girls soccer game on Friday night and a friend from preschool greeted M2 with a big smile.  They played during half time and when it was time for us to leave after the game there were lots of shouts of goodbye back and forth.  He always has things to say about who he played with and what his classmates were doing. 

M3 is enjoying daycare a lot now and looks forward to going.  Until this last week she'd help me drop M4 off before we went to her classroom and now she's too excited to wait.  She runs right up to her teacher.  She has a lot to tell us about her teachers and classmates, although we have to balance trying to understand what she is saying with frustrating her by asking clarifying questions.  (Still wondering about the girl she calls Ethen (or Steven.)

M4 is still "adjusting well" according to his teacher.  But on Friday he was sitting on the floor instead of being held, so I'm sure he's doing well.  The daycare employees tell us often that he is a snuggle bug and that they love getting snuggles.  He's drinking out of his cup, napping, eating foods, and charming them all. 

I could use a few extra hours in the day, for sure. But so far the semester has been going very well!


Monkey Papa said...

Woohoo for the first month!

Soupy said...

Man, I don't think I CAN spell those words without checking! LOL
COOL for her! :)

David said...

...all those tricky double vowels...she seems like she'll be good at remembering the mnemonic devices (i before e and such...I still use them!) It's great she wants to be a music teacher...I think musical ability helps in a lot of different areas later in life...whether she ends up teaching or not. Thanks for the updates! I'm glad teaching is going well for you and the kids are adjusting.