Thursday, September 05, 2013

M4 - 11 months

M4 is just weeks away from his first birthday. We've been in a flurry of back-to-school activity and I have to remind myself often that we still do have some weeks left in his first year.  It's fun to remember back-to-school time last year when we were saying "in just a few weeks" we'll have a new baby.

He's often working hard to stand, or cruise, or talk to us and he gets wrinkles between his eyes.

He loves his siblings and chasing them.  He thought it was so exciting when I helped him roll a ball back and forth to M3.  We think his first word might have been "Baba," shouted at Rebecca when he was trying to get her attention.

He is such a smiley guy.  He understands now that he can make us laugh by repeating silly noises or playing peek-a-boo.  He cuddles a lot still too.

He's been enjoying table food and we haven't given him purees in a while.  At daycare he has figured out how to drink his expressed milk from his sippy cup without help.  At first he didn't know how to get the milk out of the spout and then he still needed help tipping the cup enough.  The daycare isn't as open with information as I'd like - I try to ask one or two questions about his day when I pick him up, but they haven't mentioned table food in a few days - I'll need to ask and see if they are still offering it to him.  (One day it seemed he was given table food instead of milk, but that was before they realized he needed help with his sippy...)

Overall daycare is going fine for M4.  He still cries when I leave him and has always been sleeping or is being rocked when I pick him up.  I hope that soon he gets to the point where he wants to be happy and play there.  They tell me he doesn't cry much after drop off.

He is all adventure these days and has bruises to prove it.   He's in rough shape between bruises from trying to walk/climb, drool from new teeth, a drippy nose, and hair that is in the fluffy stage.  I can look back at all of the kids' 11 month photos and see that it is a stage he'll move through. He likes to throw stuff down the stairs or into the toilet. He pushed this wood (that we put in the closed deck door) all around the living room. 

He won't stop climbing the stool and finds it really funny to crawl back as fast as he can.

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