Thursday, October 10, 2013

M4 - 12 months!

 M4 celebrated his birthday last week!  Wow did that year fly by. He had a cold last week for his photo shoot, so in most of his photos he looked a little sad and tired.  Maybe we'll try again sometime soon.

He likes to try and write or color.  No pencil, pen, or crayon is safe if it is within his reach! 

He also has taken to opening M3's castle so that he can sit or stand inside.  Giant M4!

He has been walking 2 or 3 steps at a time on his own and can walk for a while if we hold his hand.  He still likes to climb and explore. He likes looking at books. We feed him most table foods now and he seems to enjoy eating, especially orange veggies. 

He makes lots of "talking" noises, even though they are not words yet. He "sings" and dances to music.  He likes to carry around rocks when he is outside or small toys inside.  He loves to bang things on other things.

He still cries at daycare drop-off, I wonder how long that will last.  But once I leave I think he does ok.

Nighttime continues to be less than easy with him.  He'll wake up around midnight most nights and on many nights he wakes up between 10 and 11 too.  On random nights he might also have trouble around 3 AM, but thankfully that doesn't happen too often.

On his actual birthday he went to daycare and we had a little celebration at supper time.  M.G.'s gift was a piano concert.  M4 loved it and clapped up a storm.

Cards were his favorite thing to open this year.  He had fun looking at (and sometimes chewing on) them.

We had an angel food cake that night.  He smiled at the candle, but wasn't too sure about the cake at first.  By the end he liked it!

Both sets of Grandparents came to visit Friday so that we could celebrate again.  The kids were very excited for their visit and had so much fun.  I made a robot cake for Saturday and again he wasn't too sure at first.  He licked the cake a bit and then had the most fun crumbling it up to throw on the floor!

M4 had his check-up visit yesterday.  He weighed in at 22 lbs, 8 oz (about the 40th%).  His length was 28.75", but it looks like that was an error because he was 29.25" at 9 months.  I wonder about both measurements, they had him at 22 lbs, 12 oz at 9 months!  I know he's grown.

A month or so ago we gave M4 some homemade mac and cheese, with milk in the sauce, and his chin turned red.  After his cake, made with milk in the frosting, on Saturday we noticed it again.  He didn't have trouble with a glass of cow's milk Monday afternoon, but then at both supper that night and breakfast yesterday he had a rash on his face after drinking milk.  He eats yogurt and cheese, so I don't think it is an allergy, but frustrating still.  His doctor wants to wait and see if he continues to react and is thinking M4 is sensitive to the milk protein.

Because of a cold and the milk reaction we decided to skip vaccinations this time.  He checked out otherwise and is meeting his milestones, except for perhaps talking.  The doctor was looking for him to be able to say Mama, Dada, and maybe another few words, but M4 is just not much of a talker.

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