Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October photos

 So happy to have a maple tree!  I have fond maple memories of raking and jumping as I was growing up.  Our pile is pretty small still, but big enough for M2!

What happens when you mix an old kitchen curtain, a homemade adult sundress that was always too large, a broken sewing machine, and a few hours of sewing with all the kids underfoot?  A slapdash Laura Ingalls Wilder costume for the hero party! The pink shirt was mine when I was younger. I used a lot of the seams from the old dress I cut apart for the apron and bonnet.  Also used the lower hem of the curtain for the hem of the skirt.  Far from perfect, but also made M.G.'s day and fit into the time I had.  Really need to fix up my sewing machine - something is wrong with the bobbin thread. It was my grandma's and pretty old, but a solid machine - not sure if I can fix it up or if I need to take it in somewhere.
M.G. is growing her hair out and it is past her shoulders, but the french braids for this costume were still pretty short!

M4 has been spending a lot of time opening this door, sitting behind it, and going back and forth.  It pops out to form a tent, but he only plays with it collapsed.  When I picked him up at daycare yesterday he was playing with a similar toy.  I think it was the first time I've picked him up and he's been happily playing instead of being held, sleeping, eating, or asking to be held.

 He's doing a great job of walking now!  He toddles all over the place and taking well over 20 steps at a time now. 

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