Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First snowman of the winter

We've had a few flurries already and the snow has accumulated a couple times.  Papa had a few moments to play after school last week and I was surprised to see Larry when I looked out the window!  They built him in the part of the yard that gets the least sun, so he stuck around in one form or another longer than the rest of the snow in the neighborhood. We've had a 2nd snow since, but it was too cold for snowmen.  (I guess this photo was taken before Larry got his carrot nose - it gave him a lot more personality!)

Snow means snow pants and boots for all!  Well, for the older 3 kids at least.  M3 was pretty excited to  need snow pants and boots for daycare too.  She demanded M2's preschool backpack for her gear.  It's very light weight, but she looks like a trooper!

We've been baking homegrown squash and pumpkins each week.  M4 loves pumpkin muffins! He also loves wobbling all over the house and has a number of bumps and scrapes on his face.

I'm glad the weather warmed up today and melted the snow.  I think we'll get another dose over the weekend, but each warmer day is a little treat.

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