Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dipping a toe in...

Well, nothing like just skipping over two months filled with birthdays, holidays, and big milestones.  I'm thinking about putting up some photos to fill the gap... but... I hadn't intended to stop blogging in the first place.  I've been keeping an off-line journal for a few weeks, but it lacks some of the ease of blogging and I really do use the blog archives to look up important dates and happenings and I would miss that!

M4 is 15 months now and has magically transitioned into toddler-hood.  I always expect that to happen at 12 months, but suddenly now something has really clicked and he is trying to communicate and play much more intentionally.

In just the last week he's tried saying "Pa Pa Pa Pa" and "Bay Bay Bay" for a baby doll.  After school yesterday M.G. was trying to catch his feet to give them kisses.  He was laughing so hard and saying, "Ss Ss Ss."

We all thought it was so cute last night when he was trying to feed the doll a bottle.  He'd say "Bay Bay" and poke the bottle in its eye, nose, or mouth.  After a while he grabbed the baby, made a loud roar, and threw it over the side of the bed we were all sitting on.  Yikes!  He grunted and motioned until we gave the doll back and he happily fed it some more before again roaring and throwing it as hard as he could.  Then more feeding, roaring, throwing, and demanding until we got ready for bed. Really want to know what he was thinking about there!

He also is starting to read his crowd a little.  He likes to hold open a random book and sing it out.  Then he pauses to make sure we are all paying attention before turning the page and doing it again. He can't stay in church much between the opening and closing songs because he wants to loudly sing the whole mass.

He was moved to the "waddlers" room at daycare and it seems to be a good fit for him.  The whole center moved to a much bigger new building and so the classrooms have more space and amenities.  His room now does some art projects and has bigger kid toys.  They sleep on cots too, which is fascinating.  How do they get all those little ones to just lay still?  

It was tough to drop him off last week, but he did fine.  We didn't realize he'd be in a different room with a new teacher, but he seems to less phased by it than I was. 

He had his 15 month well child check up last week.  He is meeting his milestones and is a healthy guy.  The doctor said we should work on getting him to sleep through the night and well, of course we should.  Matthew and sleep have always had issues.

He measured 30.5 inches and 23.4 pounds.  Which is about the 23% for both, I think.  His head size was between 18.5 and 18.75 inches, which was surprising to the doctor.  His head measurements have been pretty level for the last few visits, so we'll keep an eye on that, but the nurse we work with most often isn't the most careful with measurements.

Matthew had a DTaP vaccine and the Chicken Pox vaccine.  The DTaP really swelled up his leg for several days and left a big red welt.  It's gone down a lot and we expected it from the other kids' reactions, but it looked sore!

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saroy said...

Oh my gosh, Emma's class sleeps on cots now too and I have NO IDEA how they wrangle all those kids onto their cots for nap time...but somehow they do. Amazing.