Saturday, January 18, 2014

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

A Christmas photo outtake.

The photo on the front of our Christmas card this year.

The photo on the back of our card.

 We celebrated M2's birthday in Minnesota with the Grandparents over Thanksgiving weekend.  He wanted to go to the zoo to see the Orangutan that is just 3 days younger than he is. On his actual birthday he we celebrated at home.
Razor RipRider 360 from us and a hat from his Uncle and Aunt
Birthday party!!
 M.G. and M2 had a joint birthday party at the gym where they both take gymnastics.  They each had about 5 guests and we included one younger sibling that was M3's age. After a very fast hour of games and gymnastics fun, we had pizza and cupcakes. It went really well.  Both kids had girls and boys they wanted to invite and everyone had fun with the activities.  It was also great to watch everyone enjoying themselves without having to run the show ourselves in our own house!

M3 had a Christmas concert at her daycare!  She was so excited for it.

 We spent 8 days in Minnesota this year and it was so enjoyable. I have really cut back on my work from home job and it was the first trip home in a few years where I didn't have to do that work while we were visiting.  After the very busy semester it felt so relaxing to just spend time with the kids and our other family. 

We had one more family Christmas party on M.G.'s actual birthday, so we wanted to do something fun with her the day before.  We went bowling with the Grandparents, Chris, Jenny, and Tyler.  I think it was M2 and M3's first try! 

 Then we went out for our traditional Buca lunch. M.G. said she really likes do that every year for her birthday. 

Celebrating M.G.'s 9th birthday at our Christmas with my Dad's side of the family.
We wanted a few days at home before the hustle of a new semester started.  New Year's Eve we had a p.j. party.  This is the first year we watched the 11 PM (our time) NYC ball drop with the kids.  M4 was long asleep, but the others were partying strong.
Happy New Year!
 In other news, M.G. had an eye exam at the beginning of January after getting a note home following the school screening.  She picked out her frames and is very excited about them. 

M4's daycare sent this photo.  So serious!

 M4 loves to pretend everything is a phone. Over Christmas he seemed to be constantly pretending to talk on whatever he could find. He also likes the play phones.  He'd been asleep on my bed a few mornings ago and he came out of the room all on his own.  He was still really groggy, but he walked right over to this toy phone, picked it up, and started beeping the buttons with his thumbs.  Such important work to do!

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