Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The throwing stuff off the bed game.

M4 has been throwing stuffed animals over the sides of my bed for quite a while.  But just in the last few days he has gotten into turning it into a game.  He has the most fun when M2 plays with him.  He's been using an Audubon pheasant that Santa brought him and he likes it because he can hold on to its long tail and whip it over the edge of the bed.

M4 sits on the bed with the stuffed bird and tries to throw it on the floor.  M2 has to keep his feet on the floor and runs all around the bed, trying to catch the bird and throw it back without it touching the ground.  The fun is that now M4 tries to psyche M2 out a bit.  He'll hold the bird by its tail over his shoulder, behind his back, and then makes a fast break to one side or the other.  Or he gets really close to the edge of the bed and then quickly sits down so that he can throw in the opposite direction.

The two of them get to laughing so hard and it is fun to see M4 scheming.

I can remember M.G. and I playing this game with M2 when he was this age too.

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