Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today M3 and I were walking upstairs from the laundry room and she said, "You sure know a lot about machines and how they work Mama."

Me: Thanks Catie!

M3: You know about washing and drying machines - that is both kinds of machines!

M3: I think we should call them -inators.  The washinator and the dryinator.

M3's been watching Phineus and Ferb with the big kids and the evil scientist creates a different -inator in every episode.

We also have a food processinator and a blenderator.

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Soupy said...

Love these kinds of stories! LOL ANd reading your other posts: man your kids look alike- and are so cute. And getting SO big. ANd I LOVE M4 and his sneaky little tricks behind your back!!