Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mr. Busy Guy

M4 seems so much older lately!  It is adorable to see him run down the hall or stand at the top of the stairs and yell a greeting when the older kids get home from school.
Calculator phone

Always moving - lots of fuzzy photos!

I took this last photo Friday morning before daycare.  He was walking around talking to M3 and just sounding so much older! He doesn't use too many words and even his words are mostly sounds and grunts, but we can understand what he is getting at!

This afternoon he brought me his sweatshirt and once it was on he would come over to me for a kiss and then walk to the stairs and wave at me as if to say goodbye and gesture that he wanted the gate open.  Then he'd come over for another hug and do it again.

We went to Pizza Ranch last night and brought a toddler snack for him and picked out a selection of finger foods from the salad bar.  He was happy to sit with us and nibble, but then gestured until I cut him slivers from a piece of cheese pizza.  He ate that and when my plate was close enough he grabbed a slice of Hawaiian Pizza and tackled it on his own! 

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