Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Winter evenings

It has been a cold, cold winter here this year.  We haven't done as much playing outside at all.  Happily, Christmas and birthday gifts have been keeping us busy.  Our weeknights don't seem as busy this year - the extra-curriculars are placed better and we've cut back a little.  It's been nice to have a little extra family time in the week.

One of M2's gifts was a trebuchet kit.  He and Papa built it over several days, using wood glue and clamps.  The ball really flies out of it!  

MG had to create a snow-person for a school project.  She drew a sketch first and then created a fairy snow-woman.  One of the directions was to look for supplies at home and not purchase anything.  She had fun raiding my random craft supplies for pipe cleaners, rhinestones, and glitter!

M4 "reading" his ABC book to M3.

My parents gave the older 3 kids headlamps for Christmas.  Immediately M4 figured out how to work them and would try to steal a lamp from a big kid whenever he could.  The 4 of them have been having fun running around dark bedrooms being dragons.  They were good about taking turns with M4 and so there would be 3 dragons and one dragon hunter (without a headlamp) trying to capture the dragons. M4 was surprisingly into the game and didn't get upset about being in the dark or chasing around.

When my parents visited last weekend they brought along a 4th headlamp for M4! He was so excited!  He turns it on and then brings it to one of us and mimes for us to put it on his head.  He and M2 have been running all around together.  (And he won't stop climbing up on chairs!)

Tonight he helped me cook supper by illuminating the mushrooms!  (One of the few ways to keep him from climbing up on the kitchen chairs...)

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Soupy said...

OMG my girls LOVE the headlamp things! LOL So sweet about M4!