Friday, March 07, 2014

M3's Movie Review: Little Mermaid

M3 was eating her "cookie Friday" cookie at the table and talking about her day:

M3: Mama, we watched Ariel at daycare today!

Me: Do you like that movie?

M3: There is an evil woman.

Me: There is, she can be kind of scary.

M3: She keeps Ariel and doesn't let her go.  Then she does let her go, but takes her tail away and makes her have legs. 

Me:  I know!  Ariel wanted legs, but what do you think, was that a good idea?

M3: She should keep her tail and stay with her family. That evil woman took Ariel's voice and instead gave her legs and then she had to go dance with a pirate.  She should keep her tail because she is a mermaid and that pirate was a boy.  And there were a lot of songs.

Me: I do like the songs from that movie.

M3: That is because the crab was playing music for them to dance.  But the crab belongs to her family and so she should just stay a mermaid and dance with her father.

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