Saturday, March 08, 2014


Time for a picture catch-up post! We're ready for spring here and the older 3 kids drew Spring photos to send to their great-grandparents.
I always like it when they decide to all draw the same thing. So much variation. M2 wrote a note on the back of his too and M3 can now write her name, so she wrote her name on the back of hers. I also love her intentionally squiggly rainbow - she made sure to have each color and they are each just where she wanted them.

Last weekend Papa went in to work a bit and the older two went outside to play. M2 shoveled the whole driveway and sidewalk on his own!  He worked so hard to get it done.

M2 pulled out another tooth on Tuesday. He doesn't seem to want to change where he bites food, so it really bugs him when his teeth get loose. He put a lot of effort into working that tooth for a couple days and it popped out on Tuesday.

We had about 6 inches of snow Tuesday night. While we are sick of snow, it is much nicer to look at than the gray, crusty ice that had been hanging around. The kids were glad to go out play! Due to the cold temperatures this winter, I don't think we took M4 out to play in the snow even once, so I thought I better do it on Wednesday when we had fresh snow and a fairly warm day. He was not excited about it at all!

He was tolerant as long as I held him, but if we tried to let him stand he was having none of it at all!

He has been M2's shadow lately. We can often find him trailing along behind and trying to copy whatever M2 is doing. The night that M2 was vigorously wiggling his tooth M4 was also pretending to wiggle his teeth!

M2 has been drying the dishes many nights a week. He's so cheerful about it and I'm glad for the help! A few nights ago M4 also wanted to help, so we gave him a few plastic dishes to wipe. So happy to do just what Joseph is doing! Then he and M.G. had a Monkey party and that was pretty fun too.

Reading with M3

They celebrated Dr Seuss's birthday last week at school. On Friday they could wear pajamas or they could dress up as a Seuss character. M.G. had wanted to be the Cat in the Hat like last year, but we were a little short on time. Thursday night she and M2 poured over our collection of Dr Seuss books until she came up with a better idea. She was a Truffula tree from the Lorax!

Today she participated in the Piano Festival put on by the local music teacher's association. She prepared two pieces and played them for a judge, from memory. She seemed a little nervous, but really not so much so. She did very well and was given a score of superior! The highest on the scale. (As her mom, I'm just really glad she wasn't given a "poor!")

Dance party!

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