Thursday, March 06, 2014

Working from home...

I finished helping M3 in the bathroom and was running my plan for the next bit of time by her.  I wanted to finish proof-reading the midterm I was writing before lunch and then I could put my work away until she was sleeping.  She could continue showing M4 how to color.

We came around the corner to find that in the minute I was gone M4 had scribbled all over the wall with pencil.  By the look on his face it was clear he had waited until my back was turned.  He's tried it a few times, more than the others seemed to, and he knows already that it is not a good idea.

As I was cleaning it up I was muttering to myself about how I guess I should put my work away for now so that I could take care of M4.

M3 said, "Well, I think we should give Matthew to someone else to take care of so that we can take care of our work without a baby in the way!"

(She meant a babysitter or daycare, not getting rid of him all together!)

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