Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3rd Grade Art

I always look forward to the day M.G. brings home her main art pieces for the year.  I'm not sure why the teacher saves them all up for the end - maybe she maintains a portfolio for each child over the year or something.  I know a piece or two are currently being saved for an art show, so perhaps the teacher selects different pieces for each child.  Anyway, these came home yesterday.

 The first was an exercise in using the color wheel.  Warm colors on the right and cool colors on the left. I kind of want to hang it in my office.

Yelling Os, in warm colors, wearing party hats

For the next they were asked to put two colors in each box caused by the tree branches and they were also learning about the color wheel with this one.

Banyan tree in water

Cardinal with a new nest

Each student was asked to create a drawing for the duck stamp (it has something to do with conservation and hunting, I think) program's design content. I know M.G. spent some time working on hers. She was given an honorable mention for her goose!  

Greater white-fronted goose

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David said...

She needs to make prints of the "Screaming O's"...and the tree one is beautiful.