Thursday, April 03, 2014

M4 - 18 months

My sweet koala baby is 18 months now! Yikes, must stop calling him the baby. As I remembered I needed to write this post I tried to think of photos to use, since he is sniffly today and it is overcast. The above photo is one of the few where he is not blurry or doing something silly.
(Big sisters are good for helping you turn a leotard into a flowery cape!)

We had a moment of sun, so I tried a quick photo shoot. If he sees the camera he either tries to grab it or intentionally baffle me. No matter where I sat he'd walk up and sit right in front of me, like this...

 We did get a big "CHEESE" out of him once...

 before he started trying to climb up to grab the camera.

He is at a fun age where it is neat to see all that he is figuring out. We heard him say "Grandpa" when my parents were here a couple weekends ago and we give him little jobs like bringing his shoes over to us or putting toys away.

He doesn't seem to have a lot of words (the doctor today said he should have 7 - 20 and he's on the low end of that.) But he does throw a word in here or there.

He runs, walks, climbs, throws, and wrestles. He can be a little bit of a brute, but we're trying to nip that in the bud. Bath time is one of his favorite things right now. We've been getting outside more often and he walks as fast as he can up and down the sidewalk. (Until he suddenly veers into the street if I'm not right next to him - hopefully we can get that stopped or I'll spend the summer walking the cul-de-sac with him!)

The girls taught him pat-a-cake a week or two ago and at random time's he'll start doing the motions until someone plays with him.  I took the kids to church on Sunday on my own (Papa was out of town) and at one point he started pointing at and patting his hand.  I tried to shush him, but when I didn't respond he threw his hands in the air with a shout ("throw it in the oven...")

The kids are good with him and probably let him get away with too much, but he really wants to do what they are doing as much as possible.  He will page through books, but screams at us if we try to read to him.  I hope that changes at some point, because he screams if I read to anyone.

Meat is his favorite food and he gobbles up as much sausage, ground beef, and sometimes chicken as we'll let him have.  We've learned to limit him a little or he gets fussy later. 

Daycare has improved so much since Christmas.  He doesn't cry anymore and smiles when he sees some of the teachers.  At pick-up he is happy to see me, but in more of a "Hey, there you are!" and not "Get me out of here right now!"

Today he had a check-up and his MMR vaccine.  He cried and cried right when the nurse walked in, so they left it to me to weigh and measure him when we were alone in the room.  Our doctor does a good job with the kids and before long M4 was smiling at him.  It's too bad that by the time M4 was ready to really chat with the doctor the visit was over!  M3 was a helper, trying to show M4 the ropes. He's 24.4 lbs (~25%) and about 32 inches (~30%, I think.) The nurse had measured his head at 18.5" and the measurement was still the same as it had been for the last year.  I had the doctor remeasure and it was actually closer to 18.75".  A small difference on the measuring tape, but a HUGE difference on the growth chart.  I'm guessing at each visit he had grown and we just hadn't gotten a good measurement.  

I'm guessing he'll seem to grow up fast this summer when he gets to play outside and we are playing with the big kids all day.

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