Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14?!

My grades are submitted for the semester! M4 is home today with a fever. I had a really rough cold last week (is it a cold with aches and fever?) and I guess he is getting it now. It has dragged on and on for me, I hope it moves faster for him.

A photo from two weeks ago as I planned for my final class of the semester.

First semester this year was tough as I tried to do too much with too little time. I was always scrambling, staying up late, working on the weekend, and using every last minute. I knew it would be difficult with two new classes to teach after staying at home for so long. This semester was much less stressful as far as finding time to get things done, since I had my notes from first semester, but much more difficult with illness, weather, and other family things cropping up. I should have kept track, but it felt like every week was an exception to our smooth plans and required schedule juggling of some sort. Even today, Papa and I are taking turns at work so that M4 could rest at home.

The school year has been very good though. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the department and teaching. I won't hear for a while if they have need for me again next year, but I hope it works out.

The older two are excited to be finishing up the school year. M.G. is eating lunch at Pizza Ranch today with the principal and other kids who earned enough points in the reading program. She was very excited! M2's class has a bunch of theme days for the end of the year, lots of fun!

We went back and forth between holding our spot at daycare by sending the younger two a couple times a week during the summer or by putting down a deposit to hold the spots. We decided to keep them home and M3 goes back and forth between wanting to be done already and being sad that she is nearly done. Her talking has improved a lot more, except she has added a lisp sometimes. She is just such a talker! At gymnastics yesterday they each picked an animal for the whole group to imitate. (Butterfly, cat, etc.) She picked a donkey from Custer State Park because then she'd get to try to poke her head into windows at people. Here are two drawings she sent to Grandma and Grandpa B so that they would not miss us too much when they were on their vacation. (The first one is M4, M3, M2, MG - but she wanted more space to fit in a larger M.G. The second is me and Papa.)

Earlier last week, M4 fell from his high chair and broke his arm. He loves to stand in the chair to watch us in the kitchen and normally is very sure footed, so we had become less cautious about it. After he fell he was favoring his arm a little, but not very upset, so we let it go until the next day. Papa brought him in and an x-ray showed a break in his upper left arm. He is in a splint now and we've been giving him Advil. It should only take 2-3 weeks to heal. The doctor gave Papa the rest of the bandage material to wrap M4's monkey that was with them at the visit.

The splint and sling don't slow him down. He has been in good spirits and still plays with everyone. We keep his arm inside his shirt to encourage him to keep it still, yet he still grabs with that hand and holds toys through his shirt. He wanted to drum a few days ago and a broken arm did not stop him!
Mother's Day was low-key this year. Wanting to keep M4 close to home, combined with a busy weekend of grading after finals week, kept us around the house. But it was nice at the same time to watch a movie together, play a game or two, and just be around the house.

I had joked that I'd hide M4's cast in the photo for Mother's day, but then when the time came he did not want to pose for a photo and refused to turn toward the camera.

I'm looking forward to summer vacation! I quit my job with the tutoring company a few months ago, so it will be the first time in several years (6?) that I'm not trying to squeeze work into nap and evening times. I think these monkeys will keep me busy, but in a very good way.

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