Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 2014

We've worked our way through the first month of summer vacation. At supper tonight we learned that M.G. hasn't met her two summer goals - going to the community pool and eating a s'more.We'll have to get on that! It's been a rainy month so far, hopefully we'll get some good pool weather soon.

M.G. and M2 finished their school year at the end of May. M.G. will move on to a new building next year and she looks so much older than she did when she started at this building for kindergarten! A few days after the end of the school year we traveled to Minnesota. The kids and I stayed with my parents for a vacation while Papa traveled for work.

Photo we sent in our Fathers' day cards!
We had a few days at home before heading to Utah for a family vacation. In those days at home we had M3's birthday! She is so happy to be 4! She wanted flowers on her cake and offered me advice as I frosted. She had a good check-up and is 32 lbs, 40.25 inches. She talked the doctor's ear off and after going to a lot of M4's well child visits finally had the spotlight.

Her big gift from us this year!
The days fly by here. I am really enjoying the time with everyone and am very glad that I can relax in the short evening hours instead of trying to squeeze in some work time.

I have enjoyed watching the kids play together. M4 is getting old enough to participate some of the time. He gravitates toward M.G. a lot and she is good at helping him out. He loves to shout, "mow, mow," and then she lets him mow the grass for her Lego city.

M4 mowing and M.G. in her sporty glasses for soccer.
M.G. is on a soccer team this summer and has a few weeks of piano lessons. She, M2, and M3 all are in swimming lessons now. M2 will have a soccer clinic in a few weeks.

We took M2 in for an eye exam before our vision insurance changes for the worse. His vision is great now. I never realized that kids' vision can change suddenly with a growth spurt. It is good to know that likely M.G.'s vision wasn't horrible for a long time, but instead probably quickly changed.

M4 likes to kick the ball around with them! He is trying to talk up a storm and now likes listening to stories.

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