Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Yard

M4 loves looking out the front window in the kitchen, especially when people, birds, dogs, or vehicles are outside. When he had his arm in the sling I didn't take him outside to play as often, so he and I would stand at the window and watch the rest of the family playing. He'd stay as long as there were people to see. Eventually I let him stand on a chair while I stood next to him.

The kids saw him and would wave at him or dance around for him. Papa would also wave when he passed by. When M.G. came in she thought it was so funny that M4 was still looking out the window and she asked if he was watching his favorite show, "The Yard."

Now if M4 hears the lawn mower he runs for the window to watch Papa going back and forth. M.G. calls out, "The Yard is on, The Yard is on!"

Over the last few weeks, I think it has evolved to being a network called The Yard with different programs, like "Lawn Mowing with Papa," "Scootering with Rebecca," and "Soccer!"

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