Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 2014

Blog post titles are easy when posting seems to happen about once a month!

The kids finished up their swimming lessons. We decided to participate in only one 3 week session this summer. I think M2 and M3 will benefit from a year of getting stronger before trying to pass the level they are on. M.G. was VERY proud to pass level 4 on the first try this summer! She didn't expect to, but she worked hard and looked like a stronger swimmer this summer. They are looking forward to visits to the city pool, we went tonight and had a good time.

M.G. will finish up summer soccer this weekend with a tournament. She is torn about which sport activity to continue with in the fall. M2 has one week of soccer left and then will participate in a second, shorter soccer camp later in the month. He is a little soccer dynamo and it is fun to see him get out there and give it his all.

M3 built herself a microphone so that she could sing along to her Phineus and Ferb cd - she was putting a lot of feeling into each song!

She also suggested we both carry our babies so that we could get the vacuuming done, since both of our babies are afraid of the vacuum.

I found out yesterday that they should have classes for me to teach in the fall and it just happened to be the deadline for getting our calendar in at daycare for August. We're trying to decide if M3 should attend both daycare and preschool in the fall or if daycare would be sufficient. I hate to take away even more home time and the logistics would be tricky. But, she has really been looking forward to this milestone and we are happy with the program that M.G. and M2 attended.

M4 has been pretending to put sunscreen on us after watching us put it on the kids.

He has started to enjoy listening to books and will bring them over to be read. He has a few favorites and will really giggle when he hears them.
He's been talking more and more and will mimic us in a sing-song long string of babble that ends in giggles.

My parents were here for the 4th of July. We had a bit of heavy rain during supper, but still were able to have s'mores and see the fireworks.

Papa and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We were visiting Grandma and Grandpa M and took a photo outside of the church where we had our wedding.

Every summer we slip 'n side and use the kiddie pool at Grandma and Grandpa M's. They got it all set up and then it started pouring. The kids didn't care and had fun running around in the rain while playing. 

M4 wasn't too sure, but he had some fun before he was ready to go back inside.

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