Monday, August 11, 2014

(cow) milk trial, day 1

When M4 turned one we started giving him cows' milk in uncooked foods (the frosting on his cake, mac and cheese) and we tried giving it to him in a cup. He always developed red patches where the food touched his face. We quit offering milk, but he is ok with yogurt and cheese, so we know he isn't allergic to milk.

The allergist assured me that a rash on his face does not mean he'd have other negative reactions. If he is intolerant to milk he'd have a stomach ache or other similar symptoms. I'm hoping not to have to pump breastmilk for daycare this year and I know the kids there get milk at meals, so we decided to try M4 with milk at breakfast this week and see if he tolerates it.

He was ignoring the sippy cup of milk at breakfast today and had eaten all his food, so we were encouraging him to try it. He took a tiny sip.

Papa: "Was that milk good? Do you want more?"

M4: (shaking his head incredulously and patting my knee) "Mama milk."

Me: "Well, that is milk too, milk from a cow."


Papa and I: "Yes, cows' milk. Want to try some?"

M4: "No."

It was just like he thought we were playing a prank on him!

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