Sunday, September 07, 2014

First Days

I think we are starting to feel like we are falling into our school year routines again.
First day of daycare for the year - 8/21
I'm teaching on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays again this year. M4 will be in daycare from about 8:30 to 3:30 on those days. He's in the toddler 1 classroom now. Instead of high chairs they sit at low tables for meals and that is adorable. His head teacher was M2's gymnastics teacher a few years ago and is very nice. M4 is still crying every drop-off, but he is having fun when I pick him up. On Friday they were playing outside and he was running and laughing. I hope that before long the mornings will improve!

M3 will be at daycare in the afternoons on those days. She's in the 4 year old room, which often combines with the 3 year old room during the day. However, last year she told us that at times the 3 year olds had to go in their own room because they weren't old enough for the things that the 4 year olds did at that time. She's excited now to be in the older group! The first day back I walked her into her room and her best friend from last year shouted her name and told her to stand in line by her. Then she said, "Catie, this is my new friend. She'll be both of our friends now." It was as if she hadn't missed a day!

First day of elementary school - 8/26
These two are just happy to be back in school! I love their excited faces. I think they were both a little nervous when we went to their classrooms to meet their teachers and drop supplies off on the day before school, but on the morning of they both just seemed happy.

M.G. has moved up to a new building this year. I am a little overwhelmed by it all, but she's doing a wonderful job. She bikes to school with some neighbors, which is going very well. She has a locker for her coat, but they don't keep anything else out there and they aren't locked. She has to type her own lunch number into the computer instead of giving the cashier a tag with her number like the elementary kids do. There are twelve (!) 4th grade classrooms! There is a 4th grade orchestra that she is really, really excited about.

M2 has said that first grade is fun. I think they spend a lot of the first few weeks of first grade learning the rules again. He has been excited about library, gym, and the other "specials." He has the same teachers for those classes as last year. Papa bikes him to school in the morning.

M4's first night in the big guys' room! - 8/29
We moved M4 into M2's room on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, thinking an extra day off to help us adjust would help. We're making progress in getting him to sleep in his bed instead of ours and I suppose that is better than not making progress. Mostly thinking about how nice it will be once he's able to fall back asleep without help, it's got to happen eventually.
First day of preschool - 9/3
M3 has been looking forward to school for so long and is so excited to be finally ready for preschool! Her preschool meets in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then I bop over to pick her up and drop her at daycare those afternoons. She attends the program at our church. The preschool we used for M.G. and M2 meets Monday - Thursday and this works a little better with our schedule.

She and I drop M4 off at daycare so that he is there for breakfast and then I take her over to school. Those little minutes of driving before and after preschool are so fun - she always has something to talk about. She was a little sad about drop-off on Friday, her 2nd day, but last year at daycare she had a day or two like that at the beginning too. I think it is just a little blip as she transitions from summer to being gone for those days.
Can you get more excited than this?
They are all adjusting well - there is the normal extra wild behavior at home, but that tends to even out eventually. At supper last night I was saying that I missed them during the day. I asked if maybe we should try homeschooling so that we could spend more time together. M.G. said, "Well, I suppose you and Matthew could homeschool."

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