Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 2014

Our school routine has been pretty smooth this year, so far. Although, I can't help but feel that getting everyone situated each day is a big weight on my shoulders...or maybe that is something else...
A few updates:
* M.G. decided on viola for orchestra. She has her first lesson on Friday and is pretty excited. She enjoys piano and church choir, I can't wait to see what she thinks of this. She comes home talking about all the things they learn about in 4th grade. I really like hearing about what she's learning.

* First graders bring home a book, based on their reading level, to read out loud each night until they can read it "conversationally." M2 brought home a more difficult book each night for about a week and then suddenly didn't bring home any more. We thought he might have defeated the level-readers, like M.G. had when she was in 1st grade. Instead, today he brought home an early chapter book along with a writing journal. He's supposed to read and then answer a creative writing prompt each night.

* M3 is enjoying preschool and always has lots of information to tell me about what they did. Last week a favorite was when they learned the song, "Who let the Rs out? Ruh Ruh Ruh Ruh"

* Dance, soccer, religious ed, biking to school, and all of that is going smoothly and everyone is having fun! Papa is coaching both M.G. and M2's team (it is a 6 week season)

* M4 is doing much better at drop off. Most days he walks right in and hangs up his coat. Letting him walk from the car was a big help. We also talk a little about daycare on his home days - just a sentence or two. He now tries to say "teacher" and will talk about going to see his teachers or play with the teachers.

* They don't use high chairs at daycare and it didn't take him long to start refusing his high chair at home. He'd climb up on to Papa's chair and sit and wait for his food. We moved M3 to the bench by M.G. and moved M4 to a booster. He loves it!

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