Tuesday, October 07, 2014

M4 turns 2!

M4 turned 2 on the 2nd! He's definitely a big guy now - trying to keep up with the big kids as much as possible.

There are so many things that make this a fun age - he is trying to talk about everything and he's figuring out so many new things.

On his actual birthday, Thursday, we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and he opened his gifts from us. He shouted "Choo Choo! as he opened his train. We knew it would be a hit because he is always pointing out trains to us. We also got him a breakfast set for the play kitchen. He spends a lot of time cooking, playing with the toy food, and washing the toy dishes. He's been serving lots of breakfast foods and giving them a lot of salt and pepper!

Saturday we had both sets of Grandparents here to celebrate. He was so excited to tell us that we had "2 Grandmas!" and "2 Grandpas!" around.
M4 likes to say the number 2 - perfect for his 2nd birthday! When he counts he'll throw in a random three, or six, or eight. But usually he points to each object while saying, "Two, Two, Three, Two, Two, Two, Six..."

He's more of a mimic than some of the other kids, trying to repeat what we say. This is especially fun when we are listening to music or reading out loud. He'll say the last word of each sentence as if he were reading along.

He likes to brush his teeth and has been trying the training potty. It's fun to act like a big guy! He isn't to the point of trying to stay dry, but he is so happy when the timing works out for using the potty. His diet is improving - dairy hasn't been bothering him and he's getting more veggies lately.

M4 is a strong willed little guy - he wants to climb up into his car seat and it really is better if I wait for him to do it, unless I want a fight. He wants to go along on every bike ride - he loves the trailer - and will get his helmet and get into place if he see what the big kids are doing. He helps dry dishes and do other chores because he'll pester me until I find a way for him to help me.

He is still a sweetie too, always ready to snuggle.
Opening one of his gifts very dramatically was hilarious!

Often this is what I find when I come out to the living room in the morning.
Watching out the window is still a favorite activity.
Singing with M3
M4 had his check-up today. He's about 27 lbs and 34.25 inches. He showed good growth and is near the 45th to 50th percentile. He and M3 have been playing with the doctor set this week and I think it helped. He had no tears and cooperated with every part of the exam. Such a relief after lots of crying at his previous two.


saroy said...

Happy Birthday M4! :)

X said...

He's gotten so big and he sounds a lot like Jude with the counting and the potty experiments. It's so cool to see them figuring things out for themselves and trying to be like the older kids.