Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No monkey left behind

Overheard at lunch just now:

"Matthew, we each ate a quarter of a pear. Soon we will each get one eighth more so we will have had a quarter and an eighth. Mama just got a quarter, but 3 quarters and 2 eighths is a whole pear!"

When M.G. was figuring out fractions and other math ideas she wanted to talk about it a lot at lunch and supper. M2 was old enough to be listening to her and wanting to know more and down the row it goes. Now M3 comes out with these ideas that I know we've never specifically tried to teach her.

M.G. loved counting and organizing things -she'd spend time grouping toys, counting the objects in each group, dividing the groups up, etc. Just her personality. But it is fun to see that the things that were so interesting to her have just become regular vocab for the crowd.

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