Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Snow is here!

The weather has turned very cold and we have had a few dustings of snow that stuck around. The kids had no school today due to Veterans' day and it had kind of a snow day vibe.

Today M4 and I were watching the bigger kids playing outside in the cold and snow. When M.G. came in she asked if he was watching "The Yard." We decided it was a sneak preview of the upcoming season!

One of his favorites these days is this matching game. He likes to have help matching up the pairs and talking about the animals. We discovered this purple walrus matches the walrus tiles and he likes to match it. If you try to match it to a different animal he says, in a deep voice, "No! Walrus!"

M4 really likes ketchup and other sauces. One of the kids caught him dipping a finger in the ketchup when we were at Burger King a few months ago and shouted that he was using his reusable french fry to eat ketchup. Now we catch him using his reusable french fry quite often.

He has been saying "excuse me" a lot. "Scuse me book," if there is a book in his way. "Scuse me Mama." and so on.

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