Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not really much of a post

Well, what happened to November? Yikes! Perhaps I'll go back and comment later... I just wanted to jot down a couple December memories before they get lost in the haze.

We picked a number to see who'd put the star on the top of the tree. Everyone except for the chosen one felt bad, so I started in the hall and we had a procession, Olympic torch style, with each person walking a little closer to the tree and handing the star to the person waiting. The kids were going with it. The star got to M4 who shouted, "I STAR!" and started running all over the room swinging the star like it were an axe. The older three thought he was hilarious, which egged him on completely.

Every morning after preschool I put M3's school papers and craft projects on one of the middle row chairs in the van so that they aren't in the way when she needs to pull her snowpants out of her bag at daycare in the afternoon.

After daycare we slowly make our way to the van with their bags and sometimes their afternoon snacks and sometimes we are all very tired and distracted. I open the doors when we get outside so that M3 can jump in while M4 and I take our time getting there. It was so windy one afternoon last week. I opened the doors and M3's page from school, a gingerbread boy, flew out and started swirling around the parking lot. It was deserted and no cars were coming, so I ran around trying to stomp on the paper with my foot. Every time I got close the wind would pick up and swirl it away. M3 was shouting, "It's just like a real gingerbread boy! It's just like a real gingerbread boy!" Eventually I did rescue the gingerbread boy and we made it home!

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