Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I've been feeling a little guilty that my two week days at home a week are usually spent doing laundry, maybe cleaning, but definitely trying to get stuff done. I miss the years I spent home with the older two where I organized my day around them instead of expecting the younger two to occupy themselves as much as possible. We do have a lot more that needs to get done now to keep the family running smoothly.
 I'm trying to kick it old school today. I filled the CD changer with some of our favorites from years ago and am just doing odds and ends around playtime. I have no major projects or plans for the day. I think part of the problem is that they do very well playing together for long stretches, so I get into something and have trouble putting it down to read a book, set up an art project, or help play. (They are reading in a fort, so that is why the blog is getting some attention.)

I always want to make a homemade gift for each child for Christmas, but have realized in the last couple years that I just can't fit that into the fall. But during our travels over the holidays and some down time in January and February I did get a chance to knit them each something. Knitting is nice because I can pick it up for a minute or two and set it down again without the set-up of sewing. (And my sewing machine is in need of some repair or some sort.) Leg warmers for dance for the girls, sleeping socks for M2, and a hat for M4. M2 picked out the green yarn and M4 wanted to match him. All 4 gifts are a little big, so not very good for dance class where M3 had a leg warmer go flying once or twice! But, the kids were happy to receive them.

And fort reading is done!

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