Monday, February 16, 2015

Two traps

Saturday morning we discovered a mouse in the house. Well, Grandma M discovered it as it ran across the living room floor! We've never seen a mouse inside and we don't have any signs that it has been living here long. I think it ran inside a few days ago when M3 didn't pull the door to the garage tight.

Papa bought a couple live traps and we crossed our fingers.

On Sunday morning the boys were reading on the couch when M2 shouted that the mouse ran out from under the couch and under the desk. After a bit of a chase the mouse ran downstairs and hid. Last night we set the trap up in the living room, along a wall between the stairs and couch.

This morning it was in the trap and Papa took it out of the house!

I share this story because I wanted to remember our diner conversation last night. M3 wondered how many mice were in the house and we said we were pretty sure just one.

M2 asked what would happen if it were a girl and a boy mouse ran into her.

"Lots of mice!" we said.

M.G. than said, "And if two girl mice run into each other they'd probably start a book club."

 M.G. was really working hard to wiggle a loose molar last night. After tucking her in, Papa said that he was thinking she might be testing the tooth fairy tonight by pulling the tooth out after bed and putting it out without telling us.

When the tooth fairy went looking for the previous lost tooth a few weeks ago it was tucked under a stuffed animal instead of where Papa helped her put it at bedtime. (M.G. has a little plastic tooth case to put the teeth in.)

Thinking we were going to do something magical, Papa went in with a flashlight before we went to bed and looked for the plastic tooth case. It was on the shelf by her bed, empty.

In the morning, M.G. came out to show off her tooth, which she had placed in a little cup on the shelf before she fell asleep and which had been neglected by the tooth fairy!

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