Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M3 - Kindergarten screening!

M3 went to kindergarten screening this morning. She's been so ready for school and was excited for this first step. They screen the kids in small groups by watching how they interact while playing with each other and then pulling them over to do some assessment. During this time the parents are in a different room filling out registration forms and talking to the nurse about needed vaccinations.

M3 was her typical self-possessed self. The school secretary greeted us and split up the adults and kids. As she led us to our rooms she said, "The kids can get an eye screening from the Lions." M3 brightly said, "We get ice cream with lions!?"

As her group of 3 kids were led into their room she waved her hand over her head and called, "See you Mom and Dad!" without even looking back. (One child was kind of dragging his feet and watching after his mom and the other little girl went crying into the parent room.) 

Not surprisingly, she's ready for kindergarten. She got all the possible points - academically and socially. The kindergarten teachers do the screening and I do wonder if they would be excited to have someone so outgoing and prepared or if it is too much energy!

Papa and I both went along today. Our town's school districts were recently changed and there are some large changes happening in the staffing. M2 and M3 will attend a different school than the one M2 is currently at. We could petition to stay at our old school, but with M3 just starting and M4 waiting it seemed like an ok time to switch. It was really nice to meet some of the staff, see the inside of the building, and get a feel for what we have in store. I think we'll spend some time on the playground there this summer too.

I'm excited for M3's big step next year and as much as she's ready I'm sad to see her preschool days ending. Hardly feels like a blink of an eye!

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