Thursday, April 09, 2015

Under the cover of darkness...

The younger two and I went grocery shopping this morning. I was scanning the clearance Easter candy for the brand of jelly beans that Papa likes as a surprise for him. M3 asked what I was looking for and helpfully found some other brands of jelly beans.

Me: "Papa likes the type that the Easter bunny brought you. I was just looking to see if they still had those here, but they don't."

Then hoping I hadn't said anything suspicious, I said, "I guess maybe that makes sense, maybe the.."

M3 (interrupting): "It does make sense, the Easter bunny probably stole them all to give to kids."

Me: "You think he steals them? I was thinking he maybe he had them made at a different place."

M3: "I think he steals them. He is a bunny."

The kids don't ask too many questions about Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy, but some of their assumptions over the years make me wonder why they are so happy to see that those creatures visited. At one point, a while ago, she and M2 figured the tooth fairy probably makes weapons out of the teeth.

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