Thursday, May 21, 2015

M3 - career plans

M3 has finished preschool and daycare! She's so excited for kindergarten. M4 and I went along to the zoo with her preschool yesterday and it was a fun way to end the year. She had some really good questions for the zookeeper who introduced the students to a few reptiles.

For a while she has been saying she wants to be a librarian when she grows up. A few weeks ago we were talking about authors and she thought that sounded like fun too. She's been asking questions occasionally about how the story gets from the author to the people.

Yesterday she asked how books get made so that more than one person can have a copy. So we talked a little about that and how publishers get books ready to sell. At first she wasn't interested in selling books. She wants to write a book, print a bunch, then walk around with a wagon to deliver the books to all of our neighbors. After talking a little about how some authors try to make money for food and other stuff through selling books she decided that she'd be a librarian who wrote books about being a librarian and then people would check out the books she wrote.

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